BightCam iOS automatically shoots selfies

Today I want to talk about BightCam a photo application that will allow us to dispense with the selfie Stick -the stick or extensible rod which facilitates the realization of selfies. And with this app, we just hold the mobile and this fire the selfie automatically.

It has not even been a year since Ellen DeGeneres put fashionable ‘selfies’ in the ceremony of the Oscars, with a ‘selfie’ lifetime full of big stars that also instantly became the tweet more retweeted history. This trend is unstoppable and no lack of rigor selfie at any gathering of friends, family … and even some people have become specialists to complete the picture with famous people (and only to be told the little Nicholas).

BightCam iOS automatically shoots selfiesAlthough photographic applications have always been major players in digital app stores, this fashion ‘selfies’ has led many of them to join this photographic fashion. An increasing number of applications that allow us to self-photos, edit and improve their quality is higher.

How is BrightCam for iOS

Available and free for iPhone and iPad , it allows us to draw BrightCam selfies without having to touch your phone , automatically. In addition to an application for our camera, it is also a complete photo editor . Expands the usual functions of photo editing applications with a mode selfie shot, which automatically detects faces and take pictures without us having to do anything except sit and put a good face.

This new feature is available on both the front camera , as with the rear, and helps to avoid blurred images caused by involuntary movement that occurs when you touch the shutter button. However, you can also use the classic manual shooting mode, if we wish, or use a shooting mode delayed to give us time to show our best pose or join the group.

Another attraction of BrightCam for iOS is that you can apply filters in real time to the captured photos. There are many color filters available as well as custom frames and different reasons to do with our selfie more fun. The app allows you to see exactly how will our photo , and choose the best effects.

Once done a selfie, can, with a single touch, share it with family and friends on social networks or instant messaging programs. And best of all , the quality of our pictures is assured, since the app includes a powerful photo editor specifically designed to extol the portraits. In addition, you can edit both new screenshots, as all stored photos in our gallery. BrightCam for iOS offers endless possibilities to edit selfies : numerous effects of ambient light and skin, several color filters and artistic, and huge selection of frames.Moreover, since the application itself we can acquire new sets to customize our selfies.

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