Do you still think that hydrates are the main enemy of diets? We give you seven reasons to change your idea about it

There are many people who make the same mistake over and over again: completely eliminate pasta, rice, pulses, and other cereals and derivatives when they try to lose weight and take care of their health. However, if you still believe that hydrates are the main enemy of diets you should read this article in which we give you seven reasons to change your idea about it .

Why do we continue to demonize hydrates?

The ketogenic diets that eliminate carbohydrates completely or disassociated diets that recommend eating for protein side and never combine them with hydrates are largely responsible for this demonization of carbohydrates , as any food group is very diverse and his generalized bad reputation is a mistake.

On the other hand, the sugar demon is becoming more powerful in the current diet and we know the importance of avoiding free sugars and added industrially to foods that can harm health.

Since free sugars are nothing more than simple carbohydrates, easily assimilated, this is another reason why we continue to demonize carbohydrates .

However, not all hydrates are the same and unlike refined flours and free sugars, there are healthy options that, unlike what we think, can be helpful when losing weight and taking care of health.

Seven reasons that prove that hydrates are not enemies of diets

Beyond free sugar or added to refined foods and flours, within the group of hydrates we find very healthy options such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains and derivatives and pseudocereals such as quinoa or amaranth .

If we choose well the carbohydrates we will obtain benefits and we can not call them enemies but friends of the diets. Here are seven reasons that show :

  • They are one of the main macronutrients with energy function and in the body, their consumption gives rise to glucose which is the currency or the favorite fuel of most of the organs of the human body.
  • They can regulate intestinal transit if we choose hydrates such as fiber or resistant starch , both also linked to weight loss and present in fruits and vegetables, legumes, pasta al dente or cooked and chilled, among other sources.
  • They favor health care if we choose low glycemic index carbohydrates or complexes rich in fiber , because as noted in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have anti-inflammatory effect and thus take us away from different metabolic diseases such as diabetes and diabetes. obesity.
  • They help to give maximum and recover after a physical effort , because as we said, are the main source of energy in our body and its proper consumption can delay fatigue or increase performance during physical activity if we choose quality hydrates as indicated by the FAO .
  • They favor the mental performance , because the brain is the one that uses more glucose and before ketogenic diets where there are no hydrates you can perceive a reduction of the capacity of alertness as well as difficulty to concentrate, dizziness and headaches as they conclude American scientists .
  • They can provide satiety and help us lose weight by always choosing the correct alternatives such as oats, quinoa, legumes and others, because they are low glycemic index, have a high proportion of fiber and many of them also provide plant proteins that help maintain the hunger at bay.
  • They are versatile and popular, which is why they favor adherence to diets and make them more flexible , while the elimination of hydrates can be much more difficult than we think and add anxiety as well as alter eating behavior and metabolism in time.

We already see that if you are still considering the hydrates enemies of the diets you are wrong and these seven reasons prove it , therefore, when you lose weightor take care of your health, we recommend not to eliminate carbohydrates but reduce them and choose appropriate , fiber-rich options and of difficult assimilation.

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