Why it’s so important that you keep training during the holiday season if you do not want to gain weight

Time of frenetic pace with work, purchases of gifts and family dinners and meals, children at home … and we find that sometimes due to lack of time and others because of the laziness to get exercise Instead of resting , we put aside healthy habits , eat more than we can and barely exercise.

Physical activity as an “anti stress” measure

With the frenzy of these dates, and since the beginning of December when we started with the bridge of the Constitution, our daily life becomes a bit chaotic, since everyone starts to get overwhelmed with shopping, preparing everything for the Christmas, gifts, last minute purchases … and physical exercise is a great option to reduce this stress .

We must not forget that stress is responsible for the increased levels of cortisol , a hormone that is related to weight gain, so that physical exercise, whether at home, in a gym or outdoors, will undoubtedly be the healthier option to avoid that those nerves take us straight to the pantry and go picking up extra kilos.

Keep motivation by doing physical exercise

Another beneficial effect of not abandoning sports is to maintain levels of motivation : if we stop playing sports and take weight, it is very possible that we will later feel guilty and motivation levels may fall. However, if we continue to exercise during these holidays, in addition to maintaining a better mood and better mood due to the release of endorphins , we will be able to maintain the levels of motivation necessary to not leave “for lack of time”.

Forcing us to continue training regularly will also help us maintain our routine , so we will continue to generate adherence with the passing of days and reduce the chances of leaving . And if in addition, you do not go to train and count with a training partner, the motivation can be mutual and much greater, because in the end when we train with a friend we tend to want to compete and we end up making more effort than if we trained alone.

Prevent the burning of calories by stopping practicing some sport

If the caloric intake is going to increase due to the numerous social and family commitments and the increase in the availability of ultra-processed foods , reducing the time we spend doing some physical activity will only cause a worsening of our health. Therefore, continuing to play sports will keep the process of burning calories “almost intact,” and while we may not lose weight, at least we will avoid winning it while we remain active.

Be an example to others

Being able to maintain our training routine despite the frenzy of the Christmas season can make us see others as a good example to follow, which is a very positive thing due to the many bad examples that abound in this era. form of television ads, at bus stops, internet, press …

Think, that if you are able to change a person’s habits and help them improve their health , the contribution you are making both to that person and their environment is undoubtedly something highly beneficial and with much more value than you can think.

In addition, when we talk about being an example for others , we must think that this point is very important if we have children, because they often learn and take as a reference the models closest to them , that is, their parents, which is why important to see us doing sports activities, eating healthy …

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