How to keep your home’s windows secure

Home security is important, with ensuring windows let in only light being a top priority for many homeowners.

Assessing window security

The approach you take to securing your windows in Hereford or elsewhere in the UK will vary depending on the type you have.

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Consider installing locks that secure the frames of your wooden casement windows together rather than just securing the stay bar or handle. You can also upgrade to modern multi-point locking systems that allow you to lock the windows in an open position for child safety and to prevent intruders from gaining access.

Install dedicated window locks on aluminium sliding windows, as the locking handle supplied by manufacturers is often not enough. Additionally, consider using window bars or rods in the tracks to prevent forced openings. If you have double-sliding windows, you can place wooden dowels to stop them from being pushed open.

Use sash stops for your wooden sash window, in pairs, along with a dual sash lock to bolt the two sashes together.

Consider upgrading to double-glazed windows for enhanced security

According to the Metropolitan Police, burglars will target windows more than doors as they offer easier access. If you are reviewing the security of your windows in Hereford, upgrading to double-glazed windows can enhance your security significantly while improving the appearance and energy efficiency of your home.

Double-glazed windows are inherently more secure due to their construction, with two layers of glass with a layer of insulating gas between making them tougher to break through. Double-glazed windows often come with advanced locking mechanisms that are far more secure than older windows and have been specifically designed to withstand attempts at forced entry.

In addition to security benefits, double-glazed windows improve energy efficiency and lower energy bills by reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. If you are in need of advice regarding replacement windows Hereford or the surrounding areas, local expertise is readily available.

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In conclusion, ensuring your home’s windows are secure is essential for your peace of mind and safety.

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