5 Incredible temples to see in India

What are the five temples to see in most incredible India? A mixture of tradition and mysticism make such an overpopulated country this destination as a very attractive place to discover. Hindu majority, this territory is characterized by the number of sacred buildings and places of worship that houses and left breathless traveler who observes.

5 Incredible temples to see in IndiaWhat temples see in India?

Today we are five wonders of temples you cannot miss if you go to India.

  1. Meenakshi Amman Temple: A place dedicated to the goddess Parvati and her husband Shiva. What is remarkable is the amount of sculptures that you can find inside, growing to about 33,000, and with a capacity of 15,000 people. Meenakshi Tirukalyanam takes place between April and May festival, where it is estimated that get to spend up to one million people in the ten days of the event. This temple is located in the city of Madurai, south of the country.
  2. The Brihadeeswarar Temple: Another space dedicated to Shiva reflecting the architecture of ancient Chola dynasty whose material makes change color depending on the time of day. For example, in the morning at dawn constructions are redder at sunset and turn to gold. A magical image that attracts religious and tourists of all kinds. Stresses the Vimana (kind of Hindu palaces architecture) that can measure 65 meters and the large statue of Nandi (sacred bull which Shiva rides in Hindu mythology) who is receiving visitors at the entrance. The setting of this temple in India is walled.
  3. Karni Mata Temple: This temple is a curious Indian center where the protagonists are the rats, so they are considered sacred. This is because according to legend, Karni Mata, a woman of s. XIV asked the god of death revive his son, got his wish to reincarnate it into a rat. Since then it says that all who inhabit this place ( there are few) have a sacred character to be reincarnations. In addition, there are a few that differ from the others by its white color; when left to see it is a joy, since it means good seasons to come.
  4. K Temples hajuraho: This set is considered World Heritage by UNESCO since 1986. Its walls are lined with sculptures representing different walks of life of the ancient dynasty Chandella, highlighting those dedicated to the sexual part. There are various theories about why there are so many scenes depicted in this style. One of the most popular is that those who did Kamasutra intended to teach its younger inhabitants.Moreover, they are walled and guarded compounds eight innings by palm trees.
  5. The Taj Mahal: We could not kill another. This impressive work of Mongolian architecture was built in honor of the wife of a Muslim emperor, who died in childbirth of her fourteenth child. Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this place is a set of small domes that come together in a main located in the center. The mausoleum is located in one of the many gardens surrounding the palace and is flanked by a mosque and another building called the echo of the mosque but that isnot used to pray as it is not oriented direction. The entire area is walled.

What do you think our selection of temples to see in India ? You have been in any of them?

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