Pampering your favourite pooch this Christmas

Christmas is a great time to spoil yourself and this is no different when it comes to your dog. From doggie stockings full of treats to deluxe doggy strollers to protect their paws from the hazards of busy streets, the choices are endless; however, one of the UK’s favourite ways to pamper a pooch is still a trip to the salon. If your dog is a fan, the good news is that there are three new excuses to book an appointment.


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1. Get a new look

Depending on your dog’s appearance or breed, you may have noticed that he or she looks sad regardless of their mood. Research into dog psychology shows that other dogs also read these signs. Shaggy hair over the eyes gives a dog a sad look, while a very round face makes them look happy.

Next time you go for dog grooming in Cheltenham, ask the salon how you can make your dog look happier. It might even help them to make friends.

2. Get some ink

While actually tattooing your dog is an absolute no-no, temporary tattoos applied to their fur can be fun and make you dog feel special. It is no secret that dogs love attention. Temporary patterns and shapes can be applied to the rump or shoulders and enjoyed by both dog and owner without affecting your dog’s communication with other dogs.

Temporary tattoos are a bit of harmless fun and you can ask about them next time you make an appointment for dog grooming in Cheltenham.

3. The ultimate spa day

We head to the spa when we really want to be pampered, as a nice relaxing swim followed by relaxing while peaceful music is playing can do wonders for our mood. It is no surprise that doggie spas are springing up across the world, from Saudi Arabia to Hong Kong. Who knows, a spa experience may be on the specials board next time your dog has a trim.

Even if this option is not available, several pools across the UK are now offering owners and their dogs a chance to swim. If your pooch loves to splash and play with other dogs, we can think of no better option.

No matter how you choose to pamper your pooch this Christmas, the important thing is to make sure you do.

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