3 of the biggest tech trends to know

Here we are at the beginning of a new decade and there are still no jet packs or holiday resorts on the Moon. Nevertheless, technology continues to develop at a staggering pace. Here are just three developments we can expect to see in the coming year.

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Virtual Reality will begin to blossom

Virtual (and augmented) Reality, are no longer held back by the hardware, only by the lack of applications yet written for them. One game likely to mark VR’s big breakthrough is “Half-Life: Alyx” from Valve Software. Already a massive game, the new edition is VR only and everyone will need a headset to play it. Previewers say “You can interact with so much stuff, you can force pull it over to you … and the sound is spectacular.”

With more headsets around, many are predicting an upsurge in industrial and training applications as well as more VR games.

5G mobile computing

5G is another technology that has been waiting for more widely available infrastructure, and new demand. Both are coming rapidly. Smartphone makers are clamouring to bring out 5G devices, like the iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S11 and Pixel 5. Telecom companies are rolling out 5G coverage in more and more areas – clearly confident of a huge demand.

Their confidence is based on well-known demographic trends. One is the popularity of games that can be played on the move, especially interactive games with rich graphics or augmented reality aspects. Another is the increasing number of people who now work away from their offices – at home or in the field. More powerful devices with improved connectivity will enable more people to comfortably complete their day’s work using Cloud applications.

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We will also see more Cloud applications appearing. There are already many things we can do using the Cloud that are uneconomic as stand-alone applications, such as awkward file conversions from PDF to Excel (see https://pdftables.com/).

The Amazon Echo and Alexa

Alexa is a Cloud based platform that gives you voice connectivity with all kinds of services and devices. The Echo is a compact Alexa microphone and speaker. Using Alexa, you can make a hands free phone call, turn down the lights, play music or start your washing machine. Alexa devices are set to become essential home appliances in the near future.

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