Avoid this getting on your carpet if you can.

There is one sure-fire and easy way to avoid having a stain on your carpet if you’re going to have a party. The simple and stress free option is to have it somewhere else! If that’s not an option then there are a several substances that you should avoid serving so that your carpet is protected and always have a Carpet Cleaning Bristol company on speed dial! The other option sis to buy a huge tarpaulin to cover it but that does seem to be a bit insulting to the guests. What are the worst things should you should do your utmost to avoid getting spilled?

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  1. Beer stinks. You only have to go into an inner city Pub to know that. Imagine that smell on your carpet. Blot it as soon as you can. Actually, it might be an idea to walk around with a kitchen roll during the festivities.
  2. It’s brown and no amount of milk or cream is going to stop that. Again, get dabbing as soon as you can.
  3. White wine is not so bad but Red wine is evil incarnate for carpet staining. Don’t chuck white wine on red by the way it won’t work. A solution of soda crystals might be a good idea.
  4. Don’t serve this as a pudding or a cake despite what your guests might think. Chocolate is a nightmare, especially if you’ve gone mad and decide to serve those melting moment puddings with the runny filling. Cold chocolate is not much better, especially if it gets trod into it the carpet.
  5. You might be tempted to get this out if you think it will work but it won’t. It’s designed to get whites whiter so it will just suck the colour out of you carpet.

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  1. Fancy a round of crib? Fine, just make sure that they all have ball points and not ink pens as that black or blue is ever coming out.
  2. If this is being spilled then the evening has taken a turn for the worst and the application of a kitchen roll might not be all that’s needed. If it does happen whatever you do don’t let it dry out.

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