Three Winter Weather Conditions that Pose a Risk to the Home

The bad weather over the winter can cause all sorts of issues around our home – here are three common winter weathers and what to look out for when they are forecast…

Wind – Strong winds can be very disruptive and even dangerous. The main cause of damage from wind are things being blown over. From trees which can land on people and on the roofs of houses to garden fences. Make sure that you have any trees cared for by a tree surgeon if they are near your house, and if your fence is a bit worse for wear, contact someone like this fencing Cheltenham based company to repair or replace your current fence.

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Snow – Snow is fun for those who like to play in it, but it can make driving difficult and dangerous. Snow can also cause problems for the roof of the house, adding extra weight and also getting into cracks and damaging tiles. Make sure that you take care of roof maintenance before winter arrives to reduce the risk of damage caused by snow.

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Freezing Temperatures – When the temperatures drop one of the most common problems is freezing pipes. As well as the fact this stops the water moving through the pipe freely, it also means that the pipe is at greater risk of bursting. To thaw the pipe, you must warm it slowly and gently, but before doing this you must turn off the main water supply in your house to reduce the risk of the pipe bursting.

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