How Trees Could Be Causing Your Blocked Drain

It is generally believed that trees are not able to block a drain as it has an underlayer or a concrete covering which acts as a seal. If you are looking to know how trees could be causing your blocked drain, the most likely culprit is the roots of the tree. The roots of trees can grow to a significant length and will cover the outlet pipe completely. Most trees contain large amounts of water and at some point, when the tree starts to dry out, the tree root can get into the sewage system. For help with Blocked Drains Medway, visit a site like

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Another possible cause of how trees could be causing your blocked drain is the rate at which your trees grow. Because they have a tendency to spread across a large area, trees can greatly increase the amount of growth over time. If your trees continue to grow, then the root system will have more root mass to cause blockage. If you know that you have a lot of trees surrounding your property, you might consider getting a tree trimming service. They can help you find the root problem, remove it and then dig up the rest of the pipes to determine what is causing the blockage.

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Tree removal is an option that many people choose. If you are looking to know how trees could be causing your blocked drain, it is best to hire a tree removal service. When the tree comes down, the roots will be exposed, which will allow the tree trimmer to identify them and dig up the root in order to get to the blockage.


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