Things not to do on holiday – Souvenirs you might want to avoid!

On holiday it is easy to forget all your troubles and get carried away. When the weather is good, alcohol is abundant, there is no work and the days and night revolve about having fun and enjoying yourself it can be easy to forget the real world at home. These are probably the most common mistakes people make on holiday…..

Things not to do on holiday

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  • Forgetting the sun cream – with skin cancer on the rise, it has never been more important to apply sun cream regularly. Skin cancer aside, prolonged exposure to UV rays causes premature ageing of the skin, so in years to come you may be paying a very high price for not wearing sun cream. Apart from the problems it causes in the future, sunburn is very painful and in severe cases can lead to hospitalisation – not a very nice way to spend the remainder of your holiday!
  • Alcohol – Most people associate alcohol with holidays – whether it’s think of those tropical cocktails in the Bahamas, shots in Ibiza or a few glasses or wine in the South of France, most people enjoy relaxing with a drink on a well-earned break. But be careful not to overdo it – in hot countries especially this can lead to dehydration and sickness –and you may spend precious days of the holiday staring at the inside of a toilet bowl!
  • Regrettable Tattoos – Over the years tattoos have become more and more popular, and people often like to get a tattoo as a reminder of their holiday. But often people will regret them when they get back from the holiday (and are sober!) – help is at hand, companies such as Bristol Tattoo Removals can remove  these and many people who have laser tattoo removal  have it on a holiday tattoo that seemed a good idea at the time!
  • Not Observing Local Laws and Customs – When travelling abroad it is important to remember that the country you are travelling to may be different from home, and it always a good idea to check before you visit if there are any religious ceremonies during the time of your visit or laws that are different to what they are at home. If it the first time you are travelling somewhere it can be a good idea to get a guidebook on the country, or you can always check with the travel agent you booked the trip with who will be able to advise you – you don’t want to end up with a prison sentence in another country!

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