Things Every Student Should do in Fresher’s Week

If you’re off to college this September, you’ll be excited about the new adventures ahead and busy planning all the things you want to do as soon as you get there. Once you unpacked and got your bearings, here are some things that you’ll want to experience during the iconic Fresher’s Week:

Make New Mates

Arrive early at your accommodation so you don’t miss anything. For Student accommodation in Gloucester, visit When you’ve got to your room, be sure to keep the door propped open while you unpack so you can be visible when people walk past. You’re going to be living with these people so start off on the right foot and be sociable and approachable. The first night out should as a group of housemates to one of the many Fresher events that the University will be staging.

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Check Your Emails

You should have received a few emails from the college, welcoming you and giving you loads of information about what’s on and what you need to know. Follow their activity on social media for all the best hints, updates and news on what’s happening, when and where. Get your timetable noted down before you go out partying so you’ve got the important stuff taken care of.

Clubs and Societies

The first week is the perfect opportunity to check out what the Uni has to offer in terms of clubs and societies. There will almost surely be a Fresher’s Fair where all the societies will have a stand which gives you the chance to meet like-minded people. Don’t go overboard though and stick to a couple that you’re really interested in or you might be biting off more than you can chew once your assignments start flooding in. Fresher’s Fair is also a great place to pick up loads of freebies so take a bag with you!

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Learn Your Way Around

You’ve found your residence, you’ve met all your housemates and next it’s time to get to know where everything is. Think practically, where is the nearest supermarket, what’s the best route to get to your lectures and how long will it take to get there in the morning? Take one of your new friends with you on an orientation mission.


Yes, this sounds dull but if you do this first then you won’t have to worry when you’re out having a good time. Always be aware of how much cash you have each week, make a budget and stick to it. Otherwise you’ll be eating stale bread and value packs of noodles by the end of the month! Remember that student loans take a while to be processed so make sure you don’t rely on that in the first week or so.

Meet Your Tutor

Everyone should be assigned a personal tutor who you can go to for any course related or personal questions. They should email you during the first week inviting you to meet with them. You don’t need to have anything specific to discuss but it’s a good idea to meet up, introduce yourself and build up a relationship that could be very beneficial to you during your time at college.

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