How to add interactive tiles from your Steam games to the start menu in Windows 10

The start menu of Windows 10 has many positive things and if you are one of those who use many Modern applications that also offer interactive tiles, then you surely have a small information center and quick actions on it. Now, the rest of classic apps always look pretty bad there, ugly and inconsistent.

If you are a gamer and you have many Steam games installed on your computer, chances are you have the shortcuts on the desktop, or simply launch them from the same Steam client. But with the Steam Tile application you can anchor any game to the Windows start menu with an interactive tile that is not only beautiful, but offers additional video game information, such as unlocked achievements and downloadable content.

In we talked before about ways to give a new air to the start menu, or how to customize it to make it more attractive. But, the truth is that much depends on the live tiles or tiles that we have anchored, and in the case of Win32 applications, we usually end up with a very ugly icon that does not combine with the rest. It is the same thing that happens with games that are not from the Windows Store.

With the Steam Tiles application you have a simple and effective solution for this. The program accesses our Steam library and lets us anchor any game at the beginning, so you do not need to give any of your login credentials , just enter your name public profile and that your library is public. of Steam.

Steam Tile will show you the complete list of titles you have purchased on Steam and you can click on any to anchor to the start menu. The best thing is that the tile will be the same logo that appears on the Steam desktop client and not a minimal icon designed for the desktop.

Also and you can choose any of the four sizes of live tile, even the largest one. In addition to this the tiles show extra information, and of course, they allow you to launch the game if it is installed on your computer. Steam Tiles is free and only shows an advertisement in the add games window, you just notice it.

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