Seven recipes with quinoa ideal for breakfast

If you have already decided to leave aside the commercial cereals that are a great source of sugar and the oats have become monotonous every day, today we leave seven recipes with quinoa ideal for breakfast that will help you vary your first meal of the day and nourish yourself In a healthy way.

The quinoa is a pseudo cereal that can help you eat better, offering hydrates with more fiber and protein than satiated and is also rich in minerals and vitamins that the body needs, therefore, have selected seven proposals for breakfast with this great food.

Seven recipes with quinoa ideal for breakfastSeven breakfasts with quinoa

In order not to always go to the oats or the brown bread toast, we can elaborate one of the following breakfasts with quinoa, very nutritious and tasty:

  • Quinoa bread that we can consume next to an orange juice, toasted with olive oil and tomato or as a sandwich with fresh cheese, turkey breast and tomato.
  • Yogurt with quinoa: once washed and cooked quinoa, we can mix it with yogurt as if it were another cereal and combine it with fresh fruits and seeds for a complete and nutritious breakfast.
  • Quinoa with milk: In replacement of the traditional rice with milk we can boil quinoa in milk to achieve a nutritious, tasty and comforting porridge rich in fiber, protein and hydrates, ideal to accompany with chopped walnuts and sliced banana.
  • Quinoa with bitter chocolate and fruit : a recipe very tasty and full of antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals that will leave you satiated in a healthy way.
  • Quinoa bars : ideal for vegans and celiacs who want to accompany a glass of juice or another infusion with a different dish. It is a very simple recipe to perform and can be easily transferred to work or school.
  • Quinoa with apple and cinnamon : an option rich in antioxidants, fiber and quality proteins that can be very comforting on a cold day if consumed temperate.
  • Porridge of quinoa with compote of strawberries: to take advantage of the strawberries of season we can elaborate this original porridge full of flavor and good nutrients, mainly vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

These are seven recipes with quinoa ideal to vary your breakfasts with nutritious and very tasty preparations that we can all make at home.

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