With uProxy you can offer or receive from a friend a secure and unrestricted Internet connection

Not everyone has the same freedoms, nor does everyone enjoy the same advantages and amenities. For some, things that seem basic and taken for granted, like a simple Internet connection, are hard-earned privileges or even unattainable luxuries.

A safe and unrestricted Internet access is something everyone should enjoy, and if you know someone who does not enjoy this privilege, you can have a hand with tools like uProxy. Or vice versa, you can ask a friend to share your connection with you.

uProxy is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows users to share their route to the Internet with others. It’s like a personalized VPN service that you can use to provide secure Internet access to your friends or family, or yourself when you travel. The connection established through uProxy between your friend and you is encrypted, the traffic is sent through that connection and then to the Internet through your friend’s computer.

This tool is aimed at people in two situations: those who need secure access and without restrictions to the Internet, and those who already enjoy this and want to share that connection with their friends. Users gain access in two ways: by using their friends as a proxy or by connecting to a server running uProxy. The extension can automate the process of creating a private server in a hosting service, so far only support DigitalOcean.

uProxy can use social networks to connect with your friends and start sharing your connection constantly, or you can establish a unique manual connection by offering or requesting a link. The only thing that is shared is Internet access, but it is important that you trust the person who offers you access , because although normally no other information is revealed about the sites that are visited, someone with advanced tools can see the content you see or exchange via unsafe connections.

The project is open source and you can see your code in GitHub. Currently in beta and those who venture to use it can send comments through the same application via email.

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