How to refit your bath

Baths are one of the most relaxing experiences that anyone can have at any one time. Lying in warm water is comforting and soothing in a very primitive way. It’s shown to reduce blood pressure and invoke a calming sensation in most people. If you’re having trouble sleeping, having a bath is said to be a good way to achieve this and it should be a part of a bedtime routine, humans being creatures of habit when it comes to this kind of thing. However, that degree of comfort and relaxation is going to be severely muted if the bath is a mess and the sealant around the outside looks unpleasant and worn. Add to that if the bath is stained and cracked you really do not want to get into it.

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Time then to refit the thing and start again with a new set. Installing and refitting a bath is not as hard as it might seem. Getting the dimensions right is a given but with the use of Bathroom Sealant like that from you can soon have a new unit in place.

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Firstly, turn off the mains water supply. Taps can be kept or replaced. Adding a shower unit is not a bad idea as a bath a day can work out to be a bit expensive in regard to water rates. The frontage of the bath is easy to remove and you can reuse it or get a new one. Underneath the bath you see 4 supports and a cradle. You’ll need to keep this and use it to hold the new one in place. You may need a spirit level as this is adjustable.

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