Clothes to pack for a winter holiday

With the summer sun soon coming to an end, many people start searching for a winter break. This could be escaping to warmer climates or, in most cases, finding a holiday where the colder weather can be enjoyed fully. Iceland is a popular place to visit, although it can be quite pricey. Alternatives include the Scandinavian countries, with Finland and the Lapland region being particularly popular in the wintertime. This popularity is due to the fact that you can not only visit the home of Father Christmas, but you can also take a ride on a reindeer sleigh, and you may even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

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Wherever you plan to visit this winter, you need to be sure that you have packed suitable clothing. Here are just two ideas to get you started.

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Jumpers – it is important to have layers that you can add to your outfits as it will often be colder in the evening when compared to the temperature during the day. A good Irish mens sweater like the ones available from is a great place to start looking. You could also look for something that has a fleece lining to help keep you warm.

Accessories – when it gets cold, it is important that you have gloves, a scarf and a hat so that you can help prevent the cold from affecting your hands, and you can also help prevent losing body heat through the top of your head.

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