Consider these hot new wedding décor trends for your big day

One of the most important aspects of any dream wedding is the décor of your reception or wedding space.  If you want a beautiful setting somewhere like a Wedding Venues Northamptonshire location then go no further than websites including as they will help you with the perfect colour scheme, furniture, accessories and decorations.  These all have the power to turn a regular, pleasant wedding into a fantastic and unforgettable event. From classic, peaceful surroundings to brightly-coloured, exotic décor and from themed weddings to rustic chic, there is a wedding décor to suit every taste and budget. There are many new trends in the wedding world this year and here are a few to get you started.

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Rustic chic

Moving away from the ultra-glam, modern wedding is the back-to-basics, rustic wedding. This uses plenty of natural materials, such as wood and cotton, to create a natural-feeling space. Décor should include wooden chairs; lots of plants, foliage and flowers; and – if possible – an outdoor setting. The barn wedding has become a hot trend this year, featuring the rustic charm of the pretty farmyard complete with hay bales.

The tranquil space

Fewer themes could be more fitting for the most beautiful day of your life than a peaceful haven of tranquillity. The colour scheme for a wedding filled with peace and happiness is often best chosen from the pastel palette, such as creams, pale blues, pinks and yellows. Neutral shades rule the roost here and open spaces create a feeling of calm. Adding a splash of metallic colour, such as gold or silver, can add to the opulent look and retain the zen-like peacefulness of your tranquil space.

Tranquil spaces look great in photographs, whether you are looking for a neutral, calming décor will ensure crisp, clean photos with the bride and groom centre stage.

Pretty in prints

Prints are big in 2019, so why not make the most of them and bring prints and patterns into your wedding décor? From floral prints to tartans, there is a print that will suit every style and these patterns can look wonderful copied throughout the décor on napkins, tablecloths, place settings, invitations and other wedding accessories. Prints can even look amazing on outfits, such as incorporated into hair accessories, ribbons, bags, scarves and jewellery.

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