The perfect Valentine’s day gift

What do you get for the ladies in your life on Valentine’s day? It’s coming around soon and we all need to be more aware of our loved ones on that day, just as we should everyday. What can you get to show that special someone that you care about them? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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  1. A womens irish sweater, like those from is a great idea. Valentines is a day set in the middle of February so it’s likely that the weather will be cold and wet. What better way then to present her with a stylish jumper that is also water resistant due to the wool used to make it. Even better, Taylor Swift has one!

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  1. Chocolates. By this point any new year’s resolutions are probably all broken so the gift of some bespoke chocolates might be well received at this point. And anyway, it’s a special day so falling off the diet wagon once won’t hurt.
  2. Flowers. You might start to see the beginnings of some Spring flowers by this point in the year like daffodils and snowdrops (especially because of climate change) but a lovely big Bouquet of some out of season flowers will make a big splash. Of course deep red roses are definitely the order of the day for Valentines.
  3. An experience day. Why not really splash out and get her something that will get the pulses going racing like a track day, if she’s into that kind of thing. Maybe a nice Spa day or a fancy hotel weekend might be a better idea.

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