‘Belize’ will be a new service with which Microsoft wants to change how we store and tell memories

In recent years we are seeing how applications of the style of Google Photos are changing the way to store the photos and memories that we take with our mobile. So far Microsoft has kept out of the game in this trend, but there are more and more reports that it is working to get through the big door.

A few months ago we learned that I was working on a service designed to change the way we preserve, organize and access our photos and videos. Now, after some new leaks revealed yesterday by MSPowerUser we already have a codename for this product, ‘Belize’, as well as some more data about it.

This name has been known through several files in the Windows 10 Microsoft Photos application, where there are some files that reference the product name and the logo that we shared on the cover is included. There are also QR codes with supposed links to the application that point to Android, iOS and Windows 10 app stores.

What do we know so far about ‘Belize’?

Therefore, the first conclusions that we can draw from this last filtration are mainly that it will be a multiplatform service and that is related to Microsoft Photos, either to serve as a complement or to end up replacing the application in Windows 10.

Beyond that, the only information we have was published by Evoke Studio, the studio chosen by Microsoft to move forward and develop the new service. When a few months ago they published vacancies to expand their human team for the development of the service, this was what they put in the announcement:

“Evoke is a new studio within Microsoft that is creating a portfolio of experiences that will forever change the way people create, remember, relive, and retell their digital memories. Our team has a strong heritage of innovation and storytelling in Platforms that include Windows, Kinect and HoloLens.We are applying that experience to change the future of digital memories and prove that nothing is impossible.”

So, the only thing we know for sure about this project is that Microsoft does not want to limit itself to equating what others do , but it aims higher and talks about revolutionizing. Many begin to see Nadella as the visionary that Microsoft needed, someone who always looks for the long term. This project could therefore be a new step in that direction, one of which we will know more during 2017.

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