Wool in Space?

Merino wool is awesome because it is some of the softest, cosiest and warmest fabric in the entire world. Who would have thought Merino could embark on an interstellar mission?

Wearers say that merino is otherworldly, because it’s so warm and comfy. Merino is going to literally go on a mission that’s literally off-world. It will be heading into the vast void filled with stars, which we call “space”.

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NASA, the space experts, will boldly take merino to places no one has ever been before by making it a part of astronauts’ clothing. For your own wool, that’s more down to Earth, consider Knitting Kits from stitchandstory.com/collections/knitting-kits

Why NASA chose Merino

Merino offers amazing protection to wearers and complete comfort. Among its many qualities, NASA was particularly impressed with merino’s ‘flame resistant’ qualities. This type of wool is flame resistant to a whopping 600 degrees, ideal for protecting astronauts in environments where heat is a factor. It’s unlikely that this property will be relevant for most people, unless they have any plans to go to space in the near future. However, it is still an excellent reminder of how merino is truly a remarkable fabric. There’s no other material like it anywhere on Earth.

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Merino has anti-static qualities that are very important to astronauts, as the loose fibres could cause serious issues for Houston. The anti-bacterial and anti-stink properties are also likely to be useful when astronauts spend a long time on spaceships. We’re not surprised that merino is taking off in space with NASA. It’s one step for mankind, but a giant leap for wool.

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