App Store Optimisation: The 2016 Essentials

With a lot of digital marketing efforts being invested in search engine optimisation, there is also now an arena for app store optimisation thanks to the rise and rise of mobile technology. Here are some tips for making the most of app optimisation.

App Store Optimisation

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What’s in a Name?

Giving your app a relevant name is extremely important and should reflect the app’s use. Using your targeted keywords is a good idea, and apps that do this typically perform better in search results. According to a study by MobileDevHQ, 53% of Android users and 47% of iOS users found their last app by doing an app store search, so matching keywords is essential.

Competitive Research

As with other branches of marketing, competitor research is vital to understanding what is already working in the market. In addition to looking at the competition, it’s wise to try to get a good idea of the audience you’re marketing to in order to get a good profile of the type of person you’d expect to be searching for your app. There are a lot of apps out there – more than 1.8 million on Google Play, in fact – so any edge on the competition matters.

Stand Out with Description and Images

Make sure that your app has a compelling description that captures the functionality of the app as well as making it appealing to your audience. Use simple language and focus on making the first few sentences as interesting as possible to be attention-grabbing. Your app’s icon is also important: it should be clear and eye-catching without being too busy among a sea of similar icons. Consider local markets, and web design in Cardiff agencies can often help with appealing to a specific demographic or locality.

Include Visuals

Compelling screenshots and videos in the preview section of the app’s listing add an extra layer of visibility. If you’re using an agency such as, consider working on the design of your app so that it translates well for screen grabs.

Offer Regular Updates

Apps that have regular updates tend to be more reputable with a buying audience. Knowing that developers take the success of their app seriously installs a sense of trust and loyalty in your customer base, and they see the app purchase as more of an investment.

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