Native mobile announcements will be majority by 2020

Native advertising generated 63.6% of all global mobile advertising and will add 53,000 million in 2020. In EMEA native advertising will generate 9,600 million in 2020.

Native ads are growing at a rapid pace and today advertisers are increasingly adopting this type of advertising, according to a new study by analysts at global business IHS Technology and commissioned by the Network of Public Facebook (Audience Network).

Native mobile announcements will be majority by 2020According to statements from Facebook about this new study: “The growth of native advertising market – to reach 53,000 billion in 2020 – is a statement against ill adverts Native experiences are best for people because they respect his experience. especially in mobile. for the media, this can be more invested in your sites time and an increase in revenue. for advertisers, the native may involve more value for your business. Only in Network Public Facebook, which is 83 % native, we see CPMs 7 times higher for native for banners.”

Native mobile announcements will be majority by 2020

Native ads are growing at an incredible pace and today, the vast majority of those responsible for mobile marketing have already switched to this type of ad in their campaigns, according to a new research study conducted by analysts of global business (IHS) and commissioned by Facebook Audience Network (Public Network Facebook).

As part of the research methodology, the IHS has conducted a series of in-depth interviews with some of the most relevant web, developers of apps and games, trade associations, agencies, music services, networks, advertisers and technology vendors media in 25 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

According to the study, nearly two-thirds (63.2%) of the ads displayed on mobile will be native in 2020, representing about 53,000 million dollars in advertiser spending.

Since the native ads sold directly – like those we see on Facebook or Instagram – continue to be the main contribution to income, native ads in applications come from third parties – that operate and offer their service applications, external partners, such as Public Network example of Facebook – is the component fastest growing revenue. This type of advertising is expected to grow at an annual rate of 70.7% and 10.6% add all the advertising displayed on mobile devices (which is about 8,900 million dollars) in 2020.

This is the trend we see now on Facebook. The percentage of applications using native formats in the Public Network Facebook has multiplied by 10 since the first quarter of 2015, and today represent 83% of our network.Today, more than 50% of the applications that are in the Public Network Facebook used exclusively native.

The study also concluded that people interact between 20 and 60% more with native ads, compared to traditional banners. It is less likely to generate a native ad fatigue or abandonment by a user, and provides higher retention ratios (up to 3 times), eCPMs higher (up to 2 times) and higher CTRs

As traffic moves increasingly towards mobile, advertisers move their budgets also in this direction. And not only purely digital stores, but also large brands. The web media, developers and advertisers looking to increase their profits will be faster move to adopt the native technology.

The full results of the study, “The Future of Mobile Advertising is Native,” are now available and you can watch attached.

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