Suitable furniture for the study room

Decorate the study room is a simple task, but the results are good, you should choose the right furniture. This is essential for the hours you spend in it are productive and study or work in, you feel comfortable both with the environment and with the furniture that you incorporate in it.

The chair of the desk and table, are the pieces that must meet a series of requirements so you can spend hours working on them without discomfort in the body.

Suitable furniture for the study roomIf there is something that should give importance in the furniture study room it is well fit your personality and you feel identified in space, the ergonomics. Believe it or not, the furniture is right, it will help a lot in the effectiveness of time you employ in study or work.

To start, you should choose a comfortable table for this, if it is rectangular, you must have at least a 120 cm wide and 80 deep. In addition, under the table, there must be sufficient to place the legs and stretch them if necessary during breaks space.

In this age of technology, the computer is an essential element for any task. When placing it on the table, there must always be at least 10 cm free between the edge of the table and keyboard, as well as 40 cm between your eyes and the screen. Or, placed aside, it is always preferable to have the screen in front of us, but if not possible, notice that it is not more than 40 degrees, not excessively turn the neck and eyestrain.

Regarding the chair, you should consider various aspects. Verifies that has armrests, the seat is padded, but not excessively, since it can be uncomfortable for the back too. As for the back, the chair should have a comfortable back and can fit our needs. In addition, the chair should be adjustable in height as the seat armrests and backrest. Finally, it is important to count on some auxiliary furniture to store folios, folders, pens, USB memory, and other items you employ daily in this area of study. You should also have measures that are comfortable when taking any object, either drawers or shelves. Do not forget that your comfort is most important in the study room!

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