Three flooring ideas you may not have considered

Floors are among the most important features of any home. They need to provide support, strength and practicality, while also being attractive, easy to clean and in keeping with the rest of your decoration choices. Flooring solutions include carpet, vinyl, real wood, stone and parquet. Read on to discover more about flooring solutions, with three possibilities for exciting flooring options for different rooms of the house that you may not yet have considered.

flooring ideas

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Coloured vinyl flooring

The flooring you choose depends mostly on the room of your house you need to find a solution for. Lounges benefit from carpets, while bathrooms often need something easier to clean and kitchens require a tough flooring solution. Vinyl flooring in the kitchen offers a combination of strength, easy to clean properties and colour choices. The BBC explains that coloured flooring is a great way to inject some personality into your room and bring it to life.

Wood effect flooring

Wood is a perfect flooring solution for most areas of the house, while wood effect gives you the same look for a fraction of the cost. Wood effect is also easier to clean, has a ‘lighter’ feel, and is particularly suited to bathrooms and hallways. If you prefer to go down the real wood route, be aware that wood can sometimes be a colder material as a result of the gaps between the boards; therefore, as advised by the Guardian, it is important to draught-proof stripped wooden floors to keep the heat in.

Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring offers a light and airy feel, an exotic quality and great versatility. Parquet patterns are geometric and angular and can easily be brushed to clean them. These floors are popular in bedrooms and hallways, as they are warm and welcoming and bring to mind the floors of warmer climates. There are many options for parquet flooring in Ireland, such as those offered by Wilsons Yard.

Whether you are considering coloured flooring for the kitchen, wood effect flooring for the bathroom or parquet flooring for the bedroom, there are many options to choose from both online and offline. Do your research and think about the flooring solution that best suits your needs, then shop around for the best prices and deals in your area.

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